Jean Baptiste de Noailles

Jean Baptiste de Noailles (Jean Baptiste Louis Gaston; 8 Julie 1669 - 15 September 1720) wis a french nobleman an wis created the bishop o Châlons frae 1696 - 1720. He wis a younger brither o Louis Antoine de Noailles "Cardinal de Noailles". He died at the Château de Sarry. As a result o being a bishop he wis also the coont o Châlons.

Jean Baptiste de Noailles
Bishop o Châlons
Coat o arms o the Noailles faimiliy.
Full name
Jean Baptiste Louis Gaston de Noailles
Born8 Julie 1669
Paris, Fraunce
Dee'd15 September 1720 (aged 51)
Château de Sarry, Fraunce
Noble faimily Noailles
FaitherAnne de Noailles
MitherLouise Boyer



Born in Paris the youngest son o Anne de Noailles, Duke o Noailles an his spoose Louise Boyer. He wis also a brither o the Marquis o Noailles[1] as well as the (2nd) Duke o Noailles an a nephew o the Coontess o Tolouse[2] He never mairit nor haed any childer.

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