Marie Victoire de Noailles

Marie Victoire de Noailles (6 Mai 1688 – 30 September 1766) wis a French noblewoman an a dochter-in-law o Keeng Louis XIV o Fraunce. She wis also a sister o the Duke o Noailles. Widowed in 1737, she gained the favour o Keeng Louis XV.

Marie Victoire de Noailles
Coontess o Toulouse
Marquise o Gondrin
Marie Victoire (École française)
Born6 Mey 1688(1688-05-06)
Versailles, Fraunce
Dee'd30 September 1766(1766-09-30) (aged 78)
Hôtel de Toulouse, Paris, Fraunce
BuirialRyal Chapel, Dreux, Fraunce
SpouseLouis, Marquis o Gondrin
Louis Alexandre, Coont o Toulouse
IssueLouis, Duke o Antin
Antoine François, Marquis o Gondrin
Louis Jean Marie, Duke o Penthièvre
Full name
Marie Victoire Sophie de Noailles
HooseNoailles (bi birth)
Pardaillan (first mairiage)
Bourbon (second mairiage)
FaitherAnne Jules de Noailles
MitherMarie Françoise de Bournonville
ReleegionRoman Catholicism

First mairiage, Marquise o Gondrin eedit

On 25 Januar 1707, Marie Victoire married Louis de Pardaillan, Marquis o Gondrin, grandson o Madame de Montespan. An they haed issue.

Issue eedit

  1. Louis de Pardaillan, Duke o Antin (9 November 1707 – 9 December 1743) mairit Françoise Gillonne de Montmorency an haed issue.
  2. Antoine François de Pardaillan (1709–1741) Marquis o Gondrin, mairit Mathilde de Carbonnel but haed nae issue.

Seicont mairiage, Coontess o Toulouse eedit

Eventually the widowed Marquise o Gondrin would remairy Louis Alexandre de Bourbon, Coont o Toulouse (an illegitimate son o Louis XIV an Madame de Montespan) on 2 Februar 1723 in a secret ceremony during the Regency o the Duke o Orléans, Regent o Fraunce. Marie Victoire an Louis Alexandre haed ane son. They announced their marriage after the daith o the regent in 1723.

Issue eedit

  1. Louis Jean Marie de Bourbon, Duke o Penthièvre (16 November 1725 – 4 Mairch 1793) mairit Maria Teresa Felicitas d'Este o Modena an haed issue.

Titles an styles eedit

  • 6 Mai 1688 - 25 Januar 1707: Mademoiselle de Noailles.
  • 25 Januar 1707 - 22 Februar 1712: The Marquise o Gondrin (Madame la marquise de Gondrin)
  • 22 Februar 1712 - 2 Februar 1723: The Dowager Marquise o Gondrin (Madame la marquise de Gondrin douairière)
  • 2 Februar 1723 - 1 December 1737: Her Maist Serene Highness The Coontess o Toulouse (Madame la comtesse de Toulouse)
  • 1 December 1737 - 30 September 1766: Her Maist Serene Highness The Dowager Coontess o Toulouse (Madame la comtesse de Toulouse douairière)

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