Janos Municipality

Janos is a municipality in the Mexican state o Chihuahua. It is locatit in the extreme northwast o Chihuahua, on the border wi the state o Sonora an the U.S. states o Arizona & New Mexico. In the 2010 INEGI census, the ceety (locality, or localidad) reportit a population o 2,738, wi 10,953 in the municipality as a whole. The municipal seat is the toun o Janos, Chihuahua, which shares its name wi the municipality.

Primero México, Después México, Siempre México
(First Mexico, Then Mexico, Always Mexico)
Location o Janos in Chihuahua
Location o Janos in Chihuahua
Janos is located in Mexico
Coordinates: 30°53′16″N 108°11′24″W / 30.88778°N 108.19000°W / 30.88778; -108.19000
Kintra Mexico
Mission established1640
Presidio established1686
Municipality creatit1820
Foondit biFranciscan missionaries
Named forJanos fowk
 • Municipality6930.50 km2 (2,675.88 sq mi)
1369 m (4,491 ft)
 • Municipality2,738 (town)
 • Metro
10,953 (municip.)
Postal code
Area code(s)636

The name "Janos" wis gien bi the Janos fowk, the indigenous inhabitants o the aurie upon the arrival o the Spaniards. The Janos wurn probably a sub-tribe or closely relatit tae the Suma fowk. Neither the Janos nor the Suma survivit contact an are nou extinct. Franciscan missionaries oreeginally built a mission in the location in 1640, unner the name Soledad de Janos. The mission did no, housomeivver, survive a series o native revolts an wis replacit on 16 October 1686 bi a military presidio unner Gen. Juan Fernández de la Fuente. The presidio retained control o the aurie till the municipality wis established in 1820.

Touns an veelagesEedit

The lairgest localities (ceeties, touns, an veelages) are:

Name 2010 Census Population
Janos 2,738
Monte Verde (Altamira) 1,087
Fernández Leal 885
Pancho Villa (La Morita) 812
Tres Álamos 670
Casa de Janos 399
San Pedro 336
Buenos Aires (Campo Uno) 275
Altamirano 255
Buenos Aires (Campo Cuatro) 213
Total Municipality 10,953

Ither settlements:

Adjacent municipalities an coontiesEedit