Jambyl Region

(Reguidit frae Jambyl Province)

Jambyl Province (Kazakh: [Жамбыл облысы, Jambıl oblısı] error: {{lang}}: text has italic markup (help)) is a province o Kazakhstan. Its caipital is Taraz. The population o the province is 1,000,000; the ceety is 335,100. The province (an its caipital during the Soviet era) wis namit efter the Kazakh akyn (fowk sangster) Jambyl Jabayev.

Jambyl Province

Жамбыл облысы
Жамбылская область
Coat of airms o Jambyl Province
Coat airms
Map o Kazakhstan, location o Jambyl Province heichlichtit
Map o Kazakhstan, location o Jambyl Province heichlichtit
Coordinates: 44°0′N 72°0′E / 44.000°N 72.000°E / 44.000; 72.000
Kintra Kazakhstan
 • AkimJeksembin Boribay
 • Total144200 km2 (55,700 sq mi)
 • Total1,000,000
 • Density6.9/km2 (18/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+6 (East)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+6 (no observit)
Postal codes
Aurie codes+7 (726)
ISO 3166 codeKZ-ZHA
Vehicle registrationH

Population eedit

In aurie lives an order o 1,2 million persons (2010, an estimation). The population is presentit mair, than 100 naitionalities. Aboot 65 % o resident population Kazakhs mak. The least concentration o Kazakhs is observit tae Taraz (Dzhambul) though an thare their share haes grown frae 23 % in 1989 tae 60 % in 2009.

Major ceeties eedit

History eedit

See Taraz for a detailed accoont o the history o the provincial caipital.

Economy eedit

Important industries include rock phosphate minin (around Karatau). The Shu River valley is ane o Kazakhstan's important auries o irrigatit agriculture.

The core o the rail transportation network in the region is based on the east-wast Turksib rail line, which runs through Taraz an Shu toward Almaty, and the north-sooth Transkazakhstan line, which runs north frae Shu toward Astana. CIS Highway M 39 (which in this aurie forms pairt o European route E40) comes frae Tashkent, Uzbekistan ower Shymkent (caipital o neeebourin province Sooth Kazakhstan) an runs further ower Taraz tae Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan; then it comes tae Jambyl Province again through Korday border crossin an continues east toward Almaty.

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