Itapiranga, Santa Catarina

Itapiranga is the wastmaist municipality in the Brazilian state o Santa Catarina.

The Municipality o Itapiranga
Banner o Itapiranga
Official seal of Itapiranga
Location o Itapiranga
Location o Itapiranga
Coordinates: 27°10′08″S 53°42′43″W / 27.16889°S 53.71194°W / -27.16889; -53.71194Coordinates: 27°10′08″S 53°42′43″W / 27.16889°S 53.71194°W / -27.16889; -53.71194
KintraBrazil Brazil
StateSanta Catarina
Foondit30 Dizember 1953
 • MayorVunibaldo Rech (PT)
 • Total280.116 km2 (108.153 sq mi)
206 m (676 ft)
 (2008 [1])
 • Total15,840
 • Density47.1/km2 (122/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-3 (UTC-3)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-2 (UTC-2)
HDI (2000)0.832 – high[2]

Minority leid


Itapiranga was initially settled aroond 1920 bi German speakers frae what wis kent in German as the Altkolonie, or the eastren region of Rio Grande do Sul whaur immigrants frae the Hunsrück an ither regions o Germany haed stairtit tae establish thairsels stairtin in 1824. Tharefore, the primar leid in this aurie was Riograndenser Hunsrückisch for mony years; housomeivver, syne the 1960s the Portuguese leid, Brazil's naitional leid, haes gained preference amangst maist inhabitants. Itapiranga shares a similar history wi mony touns in the northwast o Rio Grande do Sul, whaur the same migratory patterns occurred. In the recent years thare is a increasin effort tae preserve the local minority Brazil's minority leids.

The Brazilian lingueest Cléo Vilson Altenhofen wis born an grew up in Harmonia, Rio Grande do Sul; he is a native speaker o Riograndenser Hunsrückisch. As such, he co-wrote thegither wi lingueest Jaqueline Frey, a native speaker o this dialect an aw an a native tae Itapirange, Santa Catarina, an he personally delivered a historic speech afore congress in Brasília, revindicatin better minority leid public policies for the kintra. Here is a section o that oreeginal text: In mein Gemeind in Itapiranga, Santa Catarina, hott’s eenfach net die Chance gebb, in de Schul Deitsch se lenne - ich menne hiemit Hochdeitsch ... (Translation: In ma commonty in Itapiranga, Santa Catarina, thare wis nae opportunity tae learn German - bi that A mean Heich German).[3]


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