Isfiya (Arabic: عسفيا‎), kent as Ussefiya an aw, is a Druze veelage an local cooncil in northren Israel. Locatit on Munt Carmel, it is pairt o Haifa Destrict. In 2009 it haed a population o 25,400. In 2003, the local council wis mergit wi nearbi Daliyat al-Karmel tae form Carmel Ceety. Housomeivver, the new ceety wis dissolvit in 2008 an the twa veelages resumit thair unthirlt status.


  • עספיא
  • عسفيا
Ebreu transcription(s)
 • ISO 259ʕisp̄íyaˀ
View of the village
View of the village
Isfiya is located in Israel
Location athin Israel
Coordinates: 32°43′10″N 35°03′48″E / 32.71944°N 35.06333°E / 32.71944; 35.06333Coordinates: 32°43′10″N 35°03′48″E / 32.71944°N 35.06333°E / 32.71944; 35.06333
Destrict Haifa
 • TeepLocal cooncil
 • Total15.561 km2 (6.008 sq mi)
 • Total25,400
 • Density1,600/km2 (4,200/sq mi)
The ootskirts o Isfiya



Isfiya wis biggit on the ruins o a Byzantine dounset. Crusader remnants hae been foond in the veelage. In 1930, remains o a 5t century Jewish toun, Husifah, wur unyirdit in Isfiya.[1] Amang the fynds are a synagogue wi a mosaic floor bearin Jewish seembols an the inscription "Peace upon Israel." A cache o 4,500 gowd coins wur foond datin frae the Roman period.[2]

Isfiya wis mentioned as pairt o the domain o the Sultan durin the hudna atween the Crusaders based in Acre an the Mamluk sultan al-Mansur (Qalawun) declared in 1283.[3]

The modren veelage wis foondit in the early aichteent century. The indwallers made thair livin frae olive ile, honey an grapes.[2]

At the time o the 1931 census o Palestine, Isfiya haed 251 occupeed hooses an a population o 742 Druzes, 187 Christians, an 176 Muslims. Thir coonts includit the smawer localities Damun Farm, Shallala Farm an El Jalama.[4]

Durin the Breetish Mandate for Palestine, the veelagers initially supportit the Arab Abu Durra gang. Housomeivver, efter local leaders wur abductit an murthert, the notables turned tae the Breetish, who destroyed the gang. A Druze sel-defence force wis established that receivit airms frae the Breetish an whiles coordinatit its activities wi local Jewish forces.[5]

Tho predominantly Druze, a nummer o Jews live in Isfiya an ither Druze veelages due tae thair law rent rates.[6]



The tomb o Abu Abdallah is locatit in Isfiya. Abu Abdullah wis ane o three releegious leaders chosen bi Caliph Al-Hakem in 996 CE tae proclaim the Druze faith. He is said tae hae been the first Druze releegious judge (qadi). The Druze mak an annual veesit tae this shrine on November 15.[7]

Notable residents



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