Hoose o Stuart

(Reguidit frae Hoose o Stewart)

The Hoose o Stuart is a European ryal hoose. Foondit bi Robert II, the Hoose o Stuart— spellt Stewart in Scots contexts an aw — first turnt intae monarchs o the Kinrick o Scotland durin the late 14t yearhunner afore inheritin the kinricks o Ingland (includin Wales) an Ireland in the 17t yearhunner.


Last airmorial o the Stuart monarch for uise in Great Breetain, 1707 tae 1714
KintraKinrick o Scotland, Kinrick o Ingland, Kinrick o Ireland, Kinrick o Fraunce,[note 1] Kinrick o Great Breetain
Parent hooseClan Stewart
FoonderRobert II o Scotland
Final rulerAnne, Queen o Great Breetain
Current heidExtinct[note 2]
EthnicityScots, Inglis
Oreeginally Normanised Breton [note 3]
Cadet branchesStewart o Appin

Stewart o Ardvorlich
Steuart o Ballechin
Stewart o Castle Stewart
Stewart o Darnley

Stewart o Gallowa


  1. a b teetular claim rather nor de facto
  2. While the Earls o Gallowa are the senior survivin line o the Stuarts, thay descend frae a line that oreeginatit frae the seicont son o Alexander Stewart, 4t Heich Steward o Scotland. Thay dinna hae ony claims tae Inglis, Scots, Erse an French thrones, but continue tae be pairt o the Breetish nobility—the legitimist Jacobite line ceased tae be Stuart wi the daith o Henry Benedict Stuart.
  3. The progenitor o the Stuarts wis Walter fitz Alan, a Normanised Breton.[1]
  1. Mackenzie, A. M., MA., D.Litt., The Rise of the Stewarts, London, 1935, pps.8 -9.