The term hieland or upland is uised tae denote ony muntainous region or elevatit muntainous plateau. Generally speakin, upland (or uplands) tends tae refer tae ranges o hills,[1] teepically up tae 500-600m. Hieland (or hielands) is uisually reservit for ranges o law muntains.

Kirifuri Highland in Japan



Hieland climate is aften uised tae describe a pairticular muntain climate an aw, fully termit the hieland zone. The hieland zone is o relatively law altitude an is distinguished bi the growthe o thick shrubs such as heather, tussock grasses, an deciduous trees an bushes. The grund in the hieland zone is generally well irrigatit. This can be compared to the heicher altitude alpine zone, which is generally drier an is notit for the sparseness of trees (which are generally coniferous thare) an shrubs, an the growthe o thinner grasses an smaw flouers.

Hielands warldwide

Hieland cattle in Hebrides, Scotland

Probably the maist kent highlands in the anglophone warld are the Scots Hielands, the muntainous region north an wast o the Hieland Boondar Fault. The Hieland council area is a local govrenment aurie in the Scots Hielands an the lairgest local govrenment aurie in Scotland.

Mony kintras hae auries that are offeecially or unoffeecially referred tae as hielands. Ither than Scotland, these include pairts o Nigerie, Ethiopie, Papua New Guinea, Sirie, Cantabrie[2] an Nova Scotia (the latter bein Laitin for 'New Scotland' due tae its resemblance tae the kintra).

Synonymous terms uised in ither kintras include heich kintra, uised in New Zealand, New Sooth Wales, Victoria, Tasmanie an Soothren Queensland in Australie, an pairts o the Unitit States (notably Wastren North Carolina), an hieveld, uised in Sooth Africae.

Hieland shrubs in Agua Fria National Monument, Arizona, USA

The hielands in Australie are aften abuin the elevation o 500 metres. These auries aften receive snawfaws throu winter. Maist o the hielands lead up tae lairge alpine or sub-alpine muntainous regions such as the Australian Alps, Snowy Mountains, Great Dividing Range, Northren Tablelands an Blue Mountains. The maist muntainous region o Tasmania is the Central Highlands aurie, which covers maist o the central wastren pairts o the state. Mony o these auries are heichlie elevatit alpine regions.

A spine o muntains runs the lenth o the island o New Guinea, formin a populous hielands region.

The hielands o Iceland cover aboot a quairter o the kintra an are maistly inhospitable tae humans. They are generally referred tae as laund abuin 400–500 metres.

The muntainous natural region o the Thai hielands in Northren Thailand.

The Cameron Highlands are a hill station in Northren Malaysie.

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