Helwan ([حلوان Ḥilwān] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help)), an aa spelled Hilwan or Hulwan or Holwan, is a ceety in Egyp on the bank o the Nile river, opposite the ruins o Memphis. Oreeginally a soothren suburb o Cairo, it served as the caipital o the nou defunct Helwan Govrenorate frae Aprile 2008 tae Aprile 2011, efter which it wis re-incorporatit intae the Cairo Govrenorate. The kism o Helwan haed a population o 643,327 at the 2006 population census.[1]



Ḥilwān is located in Egypt
Location in Egyp
Coordinates: 29°51′N 31°20′E / 29.850°N 31.333°E / 29.850; 31.333
Kintra Egyp
 • Total643,327
Time zoneUTC+2 (EST)

History eedit

The Khedivial Astronomical Observatory wis built here 1903-1904, an wis uised tae observe Halley's comet. The Behman Hospital, Egyp's auldest an lairgest private psychiatric clinic, wis built there in 1939.

Durin the early pairt o the 20t century, the ceety wis the site o RAF Helwan, a major Breetish airbase, which wis later uised bi the Egyptian Air Force.

In Aprile 2008, pairts o the admeenistrative diveesion o the Cairo govrenorate wis split intae twa, Cairo an Helwan, wi Helwan encompassin maist o the suburbs o Cairo, new compunds an rural soothren veelages. Helwan became the caipital o the new Helwan Govrenorate. Follaein the dissolution o the Helwan Govrenorate in Aprile 2011, the ceety o Helwan wis reincorporatit intae the Cairo Govrenorate.

Economy eedit

Local industry includes iron, steel, textiles an cement. The aurie haes hot sulphur springs, an astronomical observatory, the Helwan University an a burial chamber (discovered in 1946). It is the terminus o the Cairo's licht rail Metro Line 1.

Destricts eedit

The Helwan govrenorate bundary includes the follaein destricts: Maadi, Helwan, 15t o Mey, El-Sherouk ceety, El-Obour ceety, Badr ceety, New Cairo destricts such as Madinaty, El-Rehab ceety, the Fift compund destrict (El-Tagammu' El-Khames).

The ceety o Helwan itsel includes destricts such as Wadi Hof, Hadayek Helwan, an Maasara.

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References eedit

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Coordinates: 29°51′N 31°20′E / 29.850°N 31.333°E / 29.850; 31.333