Guaynabo (Spaingie pronunciation: [ɡwaiˈnaβo]) is a municipality in the northren pairt o Puerto Rico, locatit in the northren coast o the island, north o Aguas Buenas; sooth o Cataño; east o Bayamón; an wast o San Juan. Guaynabo is spread ower 9 wairds an Guaynabo Pueblo (the dountoun aurie an the admeenistrative centre o the suburb).

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
Banner o Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
Ciudad de los Conquistadores", "Pueblo del Carnaval Mabó", "Primer Poblado de Puerto Rico
Anthem: "Guaynabo, pueblo querido"
Location o Guaynabo in Puerto Rico
Location o Guaynabo in Puerto Rico
Coordinates: 18°06′52″N 66°10′05″W / 18.11444°N 66.16806°W / 18.11444; -66.16806
KintraUnitit States
TerritoryPuerto Rico
 • MayorHon. Héctor O'Neill García (PNP)
 • Senatorial dist.1 - San Juan
 • Representative dist.6 / 9
 • Total70.2 km2 (27.1 sq mi)
 • Total97,924
 • Density1,400/km2 (3,600/sq mi)
Demonym(s)Guaynabeño(s)Guaynabicho (s)
Time zoneUTC-4 (AST)
Zip code
00965, 00966, 00968, 00969, 00971, 00970

Guaynabo is considered, alang wi its neighbors - San Juan and the municipalities of Bayamón, Carolina, Cataño, Toa Alta, Canóvanas, Caguas, Toa Baja, an Trujillo Alto - tae be pairt o the Área Metropolitana (Metropolitan Aurie) o San Juan (the lairgest MSA in Puerto Rico. It is pairt o the lairger San Juan-Caguas-Fajardo Combined Statistical Aurie an aw. The municipio haes a laund aurie o 27.13 square mile (70.3 km2) an a population o 97,924 as o the 2010 census.

Internaitional relations


Guaynabo serves as a host ceety tae three foreign consulates wi business in Puerto Rico: