Guantánamo Province

Guantánamo is the eastmaist province o Cuba. Its caipital is an aw cried Guantánamo. Ither touns include Baracoa. The province surroonds the U.S. Navy base at Guantánamo Bay.

Guantánamo Province
 • Total6164.47 km2 (2,380.12 sq mi)
 • Total510,863
 • Density83/km2 (210/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)



Guantánamo's airchitectur an cultur is destinct frae that o the rest o Cuba. The oreeginal settlement wis done bi Catalan families frae the Ampurdán region o north-eastren Catalonie, Spain in 1764. Breetish forces haed occupeed the aurie for ower 40 years an Scots-Erse settlers wur a constant preoccupation tae the Spainyie authorities. In 1805, when the French wur forced oot o St. Domingue (Haiti) 35,000 French settlers wur gien lands in Cuba, mony French families settled in the Guantanamo aurie becomin coffee an cacao planters meanin that mony biggins are comparable tae those o the French Quarter o New Orleans in the U.S. state o Louisiana. Guantánamo an aw haes a number o immigrants frae Jamaica.

Afore the Cuban Revolution o 1959, the Carnivals o Guantanamo wur famous in Cuba.



The province is anerlie 80 km (50 mi) away frae Haiti its closest point, athort the Windward Passage an close enough tae see lichts in Haiti on a clear nicht.

The Nipe-Sagua-Baracoa muntains (Sierra de Cristal) dominate the province, dividin baith climate an landscape. The northren coast, battered bi prevailin winds, is the wettest pairt o the kintra, while the sooth, sheltered an dry, is the hottest. The north is characterized bi rainforests, while the sooth is arid an haes mony cacti.


Municipality Population
Location Remarks
Baracoa 81,794 977 20°21′2″N 74°30′37″W / 20.35056°N 74.51028°W / 20.35056; -74.51028 (Baracoa)
Caimanera 10,562 366 19°59′42″N 75°09′35″W / 19.99500°N 75.15972°W / 19.99500; -75.15972 (Caimanera)
El Salvador 45,662 637 20°12′35″N 75°13′22″W / 20.20972°N 75.22278°W / 20.20972; -75.22278 (El Salvador)
Guantánamo 244,603 741 20°08′13″N 75°12′50″W / 20.13694°N 75.21389°W / 20.13694; -75.21389 (Guantánamo) Provincial capital
Imías 20,959 524 20°04′37″N 74°39′6″W / 20.07694°N 74.65167°W / 20.07694; -74.65167 (Imías)
Maisí 28,276 525 20°14′36″N 74°09′21″W / 20.24333°N 74.15583°W / 20.24333; -74.15583 (Maisí) La Máquina
Manuel Tames 14,200 526 20°10′50″N 75°03′5″W / 20.18056°N 75.05139°W / 20.18056; -75.05139 (Manuel Tames)
Niceto Pérez 17,783 640 20°07′40″N 75°20′31″W / 20.12778°N 75.34194°W / 20.12778; -75.34194 (Niceto Pérez)
San Antonio del Sur 26,509 585 20°03′25″N 74°48′28″W / 20.05694°N 74.80778°W / 20.05694; -74.80778 (San Antonio del Sur)
Yateras 20,358 664 20°21′1″N 74°55′27″W / 20.35028°N 74.92417°W / 20.35028; -74.92417 (Yateras) Palenque
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Source: Population from 2004 Census.[2] Area from 1976 municipal re-distribution.[3]



In 2004, the province o Guantanamo haed a population o 510,706.[2] Wi a total aurie o 6,167.97 km2 (2,381.47 sq mi),[4] the province haed a population density o 82.8 /km2 (214 /sq mi).

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