Gash-Barka Region

Gash-Barka (Tigrinya: ጋሽ-ባርካ) is ane o the sax regions o Eritrea. It is situatit in the sooth-wast o the kintra, borderin the Anseba Region tae the north, an the Central an Soothren regions tae the east; the kintra o Sudan lees tae the wast an Ethiopie tae the sooth.

Gash-Barka Zone

Zoba Gash-Barka
Map o Eritrea wi the Gash-Barka Region heichlichtit
Map o Eritrea wi the Gash-Barka Region heichlichtit
 • AdmeenistratorMusa Raba
 • Total33,200 km2 (12,800 sq mi)
 • Total1,103,742
 • Density33/km2 (86/sq mi)

The caipital o Gash-barka is Barentu. Ither touns include Agordat (the umwhile caipital), Molki, Sebderat an Teseney.

Wi an aurie o 37,000 square kilometers an a population of 567,000, the Gash Barka region makes up roughly ane-third o Eritrea. Mony caw this region the "breadbasket" as the region is rich in agricultur. Mony believe there are ower 3.5 million fermstockin in this region, an mony camels. The region is an aw rich in marble, an ither important minerals, includin gowd. In Augaro, there are some auld mineshafts an machinery frae the days when the Italians mined gowd here.

Maist o the fowk in the aurie tend tae be healthy an well-fed, a rarity in this aurie o Africae.

The region an aw includes the follaeing destricts:

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Coordinates: 15°15′N 37°30′E / 15.250°N 37.500°E / 15.250; 37.500