Gammarth is a seaside resort toun on the Mediterranean Sea in the Tunis Governorate o Tunisie, locatit some 15 tae 20 kilometres north o Tunis, adjacent tae La Marsa. It is an upmarket resort, kent for its expensive hotels an shops. Gammarth began as a smaw fishin village but follaein independence frae Fraunce it blossomed intae a resort frae the 1950s. Tourism nou provides the backbone tae the local economy.[1] Gammarth contains mony five-star hotels an restaurants an an' a' contains mony lavish white villas an coves in the vicinity. Notable villas include Abou Nawas Gammarth an Les Dunes.[2]

Gammarth in 1954

Excavations at Gammarth Hill hae revealed some catacombs an Talmudic inscriptions.[3][4] These ancient burial chambers are believed tae date tae Roman times in the seicont century when nearby Carthage wis a thrivin Roman ceety.

Gammarth an aa contains a notable cinema complex.[5]

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