Gaitlawbrig (or Gatelawbrig, English: Gatelawbridge) is a clachan in the historical coonty o Dumfriesshire in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland.[1][2] It is situatit 2.5 mile east o Thornhill an near the heuch Chrichope Linn. The oreegin o the name is unkent tho in the past the locals cried it Gately Bridge, sae mebbe it taks its name for a type o brig ower the River Cample in the centre o the sattlement. The river divides the pairishes, wi aw thaim that's east o the river bein in Closeburn Pairish, an thaim that's west of the river bein in Morton pairish.

Crichope Linn
Pouder Hoose, Gaitlawbrig (associatit wi the quarrels)
kintra road sooth o Gaitlawbrig

The African explorer Joseph Thomson bade in Gaitlawbrig fae the age o 10 until leavin for Edinburgh. He gaed til the seicontary schuil Morton Academy in Thornhill (noo the Wallace Hall Academy), makkin the jurney ilk day on his pownie cried Donald. His faither wis the quarrel master an apparently that is whaur his interest in rocks begoud. He studied geology at the Varsity o Edinburgh. Efter graduatin he wis engaged on several explorations in East Africae an North Africae. He diskivert the Thomson's Faws watterfaw in Kenyae an the Thomson's gazelle (Eudorcas thomsonii) is name't efter him. He wis kent tae be a kind an fair man, that refuised tae beat his beirers in Africae whan thay did wrang, preferin tae reduce thair wages insteid. This wis houiver verra ill-leukit-upon at the time wi the beirers that at ane pynt gaed on strike an left him. He becam ill acause o infections pickit up on his traivels an dee'd a young man. His freends upset a fine moniment tae him that staunds neist til the schuil in Thornhill.

Gaitlawbrig is the site o several reid-saundstane quarrels appent in the 19t century that wis ance linkit bi rail til the G&SWR main line near Cample veelage. Thay is noo lairgely disuised. the saundstane derived fae a muckle saund-dune that stendit fae Gaitlawbrig throu Locharbriggs tae Annan. This saundstane is buildin material o muckle o Dumfriesshire, an wis exportit til Americae whaur it wis uised tae build the famous 'brownstones' o New York. The clachan haes seen a lot o growthe recent wi several new hooses being biggit.

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