Locharbriggs is a veelage in the historical coonty o Dumfriesshire in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland. It is locatit near the Lochar Watter, 2.7 mile nor'nor'east o the toun o Dumfries. It wis ane o several veelages that stuid on the edge o Lochar Moss that wis lairgely reclaimt in the 19t century. Accordin til the 2011 Census, the Locharbriggs quarter (that includes neebourin Heathhall) was 6,031.[1]


Locharbriggs is kent for the quarrelin o kenspeckle reid saundstane that his been uised for biggins in touns and ceetys includin Dumfries, Glesga, an Edinburgh. The stane his an aw been exportit forder afield, includin for the biggin o the steps o the Statue o Leeberty in New York Ceety in the Unitit States. Anely ae quarrel noo remeens acteeve.[2]

The veelage's amenities include bus services, three local shaps, a public hoose (the Lochar Inn), a social club, a Chinese cairy-oot, a fish an chip shap, hairdressers, a community center. a leebrary, and a primary schuil.

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Coordinates: 55°06′N 3°35′W / 55.100°N 3.583°W / 55.100; -3.583