The Model Y wis the first Ford speceifically designed for markets ootwi the Unitit States o Americae, replacin the Model A in Europe. The caur wis pouered bi a 933 cc, 8 (RAC)hp Ford sidevalve ingine, an wis in production in Ingland frae 1932 till September 1937, in Fraunce (whaur it wis kent as the Ford 6 CV) frae 1932 tae 1934 an in Germany as the Ford Köln frae 1933 tae 1936. Smawer nummers wis assemmled in Australie an aw (whaur even a coupé version wis produced), Japan, Latvie (brandit as the Ford Junior) an in Spain (brandit as the Ford Forito).

The little Ford wis available in twa an fower door versions. In Juin 1935 a reduced specifition twa door model wis the anerlie fully-plenisht caur ever tae sell in Breetain for juist £100, a price it held till Julie 1937.

Awtho o American Design, the Model 'Y' tuik the Breetish mercat bi storm an when it wis first introduced it made a major dent in the sales figures o Austin, Morris, Singer, an Hillman. It gaed on tae thrash them soondlie bi takkin ower 50% o the 8(RAC)HP sales. In Breetain it wis forby kent as the 'Ford 8' reflectin its fiscal horsepouer ratin.

For the first 14 month the oreeginal model wi a short radiator grille wis produced, this is kent as the 'short rad'. Efter this in October 1933 the 'lang rad' model, wi its langer radiator grille an front bumper wi the characteristic dip wis produced. Bi, piece an piece, impruivin production efficiency an bi simplifeein the body design the cost o a "Popular" Model 'Y' wis reduced tae £100, makkin it the cheapest true 4 seater saloon ever, tho maist customers wur perswadit tae pey the extra needit for a less austerne version o the caur. Baith 4 door (Fordor) an 2 door (Tudor) saloons wis produced an thae coud be haed aither wi a fixed ruif, or the wee bit mair expensive sclyin 'sun' ruif.

The suspension wis bi the traditional Ford transverse leaf springs front an rear an the ingine drove the rear wheels throu a three speed gearbox whilk, right frae the start, featurt synchromesh atween the tap twa ratios. The ootmaist speed wis juist unner 60 mph (95 km/h) an fuel consumpt wis 32 mpg.

Even bi the standards o the time, the UK biggit Ford 8, lik its major competitor the Austin Seven, wis foond parteecular for its "amaist unbelievable lack o brakes".

5 cwt van (1933)

Anither thing offered wis an attractive 5cwt van whilk pruived vera popular wi sma businesses.

Ford didna produce an appen tap caur acause it wis thocht that the chassis wis ower flexible, housomever several specialist coach builders produced a range o bonnie Model 'Y' tourers.

Some 175,000 Model 'Y's wur produced warldwide (153,117 in Ingland, 11,121 in Germany) an the 'Y' an 'C' Register haes knowledge o approximately 1250 survivors.

The lairger an fester 10(RAC)hp Model 'C' didnae sell sae mony insaumples as the Model 'Y' tho thare wis a verra bonnie factory produced tourer. In 1935 the stylin wis enhanced wi some sma modifications an the model wis designated the 'CX'.

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