Ford of Britain

automotive manufacturing subsidiary of Ford Motor Company
(Reguidit frae Ford o Breetain)

Ford of Britain (offeecially Ford Motor Company Limited)[note 1] is a Breetish wholly awned subsidiar o Ford of Europe, itsel a subsidiar o Ford Motor Company. Its business stairtit in 1909 an haes its registered office in Brentwood, Essex.[2] It adoptit the tred name o Ford of Britain in 1960.[3]

Ford of Britain
Limited company
FoonditFord Motor Company Ltd.[note 1]
HeidquartersBrentwood, Essex, Unitit Kinrick
Key fowk
Joe Greenwell CBE
Mark Ovenden
(Managin Director)
ServicesFinancial services
AwnerFord Motor Company
Nummer o employees
Approximately 13,800[1]
ParentFord of Europe


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  1. a b The Ford 'companies' or corporate entities referred tae in this airticle are:
    • Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan, USA, incorporatit 16 Juin 1903
    • Ford Motor Company Limited, incorporatit 7 Dizember 1928. Current (Mey 2010) registered office at Eagle Way, Brentwood, Essex, CM13 3BW, manufacturer an seller o motor vehicles an pairts
    • Ford Motor Company (England) Limited, incorporatit in 1909, purchased by Ford Motor Company Limited December 1928
    • Henry Ford and Son, Dearborn, Michigan, November 1915, incorporatit 8 October 1917
    • Henry Ford and Son Limited, Cork incorporatit 17 Apryle 1917, purchased bi Ford Motor Company Limited December 1928
    Hauding company for Ford's European an Egyptian businesses an in addeetion Lincoln Cars Limited, London, an Henry Ford and Son, Cork:
    • Société d'Investissements Ford, Luxembourg, wis liquidatit durin 1939 an its assets transferred tae:
    • Ford Investment Company Limited, Guernsey, Channel Islands