Ehab Tawfik

Egyptian sangster

Ehab Tawfik (Arabic: إيهاب توفيق‎) (born 7 Januar 1966) is an Egyptian sangster.[1]

Ehab Tawfik
إيهاب توفيق
Background information
Born (1966-01-07) 7 Januar 1966 (age 58)
OreiginCairo, Egypt
ThriftComponer, Sangster
Years active80s-present
LabelsRotana, Alam El Phan

Biografie eedit

Ehab Tawfik wis anerly a bairn when he learned hou tae play the lute, an his luve for muisic stairtit when he wis anerly nine year auld. His first single "Dany" wis released in 1989. His first album "Ekminny" wis released in 1990. In 1995, he receivit his Maisters Degree for his thesis: "The Egyptian Sang in the Seicont Hauf o the Twintiet Hunderyear". No satisfee'd wi juist a maisters, Ehab wirkit toward his Doctorate in Muisic an Arabic singin, completit in Apryle 2002. The doctorate wis entitled "The Methods o Performin Arabic Singin in Egyp durin the seicont hauf o the last century".

He is seen ane o the top sangsters in the Arab warld, an is especially revered in his hametoun. Wi 1,000,000 albums ratit 10/10. Arguably, his greatest exposur as a airtist came on 26 Februar 2001, when he performit for 50,000 fowk at a benefit concert tae raise funds for Iraqis who wur maimit durin the Guwf War in Baghdad.

Creetics say the successes o Ehab's albums year efter year can be attributit tae his wairm voice, guid leerics, an ability tae fynd talentit composers. Ehab signed wi record label Alam El Phan in 2007. He haes twa sons, Ahmed an Mahmoud wi his wife Nada.

In 2007, Ehab Tawfik receivit hintle creetical acclaim for his sang "(إلا رسول الله )صلى الله عليه وسلم" (Except the Prophet o Allah). The sang wis released in response tae the Dens cartuins that negatively depictit the Prophet.

His sang Taala Nesameh featured in the Egyptian film Kashf Hesab (2007) starrin Nour an Khaled Abol Naga.

He iss featured on Dens baund Outlandish's track "Keep The Record on Play".

Hits eedit

His hit sangs include "Habibi" ("My Darling"), "Sahrany" ("She Enchanted Me"), "Tetraga Feya" ("Begging Me"), "Hobbak Aliminni" ("Your Love Taught Me"), an Allah Alek Ya Seede hae aw been popular in Arabic speakin kintras, awtho his fan base lees lairgely in Egyp.

Discografie eedit

Year Title Inglis Artist credit
2001 Habib el Alb Ehab Tawfiq
2002 Homma Kelmetain Ehab Tawfiq
2005 Hobek Alemni Ehab Tawfik
2006 Leeh Elkhesam Ehab Toufic
2007 Ahla Menhom Ehab Tawfik
Ella Rassoul Allah Ehab Toufic
2008 Sahrany Ehab Tawfiq
Yashak Amar Ehab Tawfiq
Ada Ellail Ehab Tawfiq
El Doniya Ehab Tawfiq
2009 Lezem Tesmaa Ehab Tawfik
2010 Ahla Samrah Ehab Tawfik

References eedit

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