Eddication in Scotland

Eddication in Scotland is owerseen bi the Scots Govrenment an haes a history o universal proveesion o public eddication, an the Scots eddication seestem is distinctly different frae thae in the ither kintras o the Unitit Kinrick. The Scotland Act 1998 gies the Scots Pairlament legislative control ower aw eddication matters, an the Education (Scotland) Act 1980 is the principal legislation govrenin eddication in Scotland.

Eddication in Scotland
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Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills
Meenister for Childcare an Early Years
Meenister for Forder Eddication, Heicher Eddication an Science
Meenister for Employability an Trainin
John Swinney MSP
Maree Todd MSP
Shirley-Anne Somerville MSP
Jamie Hepburn MSP
Budget£2.6 bn[2]
Per student£3,855 (2004–2005)[1]
Primar leidsInglis, Scots an Scots Gaelic
Seestem teepNaitional
Compulsory eddication1872
Post seicontar739,000#


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