The Rev. Dr. Donald Currie Caskie DD OBE OCF (22 Mey 1902 – 27 December 1983) wis a meenister in the Kirk o Scotland, best kent for his exploits in Fraunce in Warld War II, in that he helped an estimatit 2,000 Allied sailors, sodgers an airmen to escape frae occupied Fraunce (mainly throu Spain).

Donald Currie Caskie
ReleegionKirk o Scotland
NaitionalityUnitit Kinrick Breetish
Born22 Mey 1902(1902-05-22)
Bowmore, Islay, Scotland
Dee'd27 December 1983(1983-12-27) (aged 81)
Greenock, Scotland
Religious career
PostThe Scots Kirk, Paris, 1938-1940, 1945-1961