David Rorie, DSO, MDCM, DPH (1867 – 18 Februar 1946) wis a doctor, folklorist an poet that scrievit in Scots. As a poet he is kenspeckle for his weel-kent sang, 'The Lum Hat wantin' the Croon'.

Rorie wis educate at Aberdeen an Edinburgh, whaur he got his MD in 1908.[1].He wis a weel-kent authority on public health in Scotland an furthset mony airticles in the Edinburgh Medical Journal, British Medical Journal, and the Edinburgh Medical Journal, whaur he wis ane o the heid editors.

He gaithert an furthset quairs o Scottish folklore, the feck o it trokit wi folk-medicine an the freits o minin folk. Ane o his quairs, Folklore of the Mining Folk of Fife wis furthset bi the Folklore Society in 1912. Rorie wis for mony yeirs a doctor in Bowhill, naur Cardenden in Fife.[2]

Dr Rorie sert in the RAMC in the 1914-18 War, attainit the rank o colonel, an wis gien the DSO an Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur.[3]

Furthset warks


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