Varsity o Aiberdeen

The Varsity o Aiberdeen is an auncient university foondit in 1495, in Aiberdeen, Scotland, an a kenspeckle centre for teachin an resairch. It is the thrid auldest varsity i Scotland an the fift auldest varsity in whit is nou the Unitit Kinrick, an in the braider Inglis-speakin warld.

Keeng's College

In 2022,[1] it wis rankit 20th in UK[2] [3] and 158 in warld universities.[4].

In ane year the Research Assessment Exercise gied 10 depairtments athin the Varsity a heich ratin o 5, merkin thaim as internaitionally distinguished.[5][citation nae foond] In 2014, 75% of the research wis rated as 'warld leadin' [1] and in 2021 Aiberdeen wis 5th in the UK for student satisfaction.[6]

Scots Eddication


The Varsity offers a coorse cried 'Doric and Scots Language: An introduction to North-East Scots'. It learns students aboot the history o Doric an the Scots leid, teachin them a wee bittie o the leid an aw.


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