Dailymotion is a video-sharin wabsteid based in Fraunce on which uisers can upload, watch an share videos. It is ane o the biggest video platforms in the warld, afferin a mix o content frae users, unthirlt creators an premium pairtners.[2] Dailymotion is available aw aroond the warld, in 18 different leids an 35 localisit versions featurin local hame pages an local content.

Jynt venture
FoonditMairch 15, 2005; 19 years ago (2005-03-15)
HeidquartersParis, 140 boulevard Malesherbes, 17t arrondissement, France
Key fowk
Maxime Saada (CEO)
Benjamin Bejbaum, Co-founder
Olivier Poitrey, Co-Founder & CTO
Martin Rogard, COO
Giuseppe de Martino, SVP & General Counsel
Nathan Guetta, ex-Product Director
Fabrice Cantou, ex-CFO
AwnerVivendi (90%)
Orange S.A. (10%)


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