Crawford, Sooth Lanrikshire

veelage in Sooth Lanrikshire, Scotland

Crawford is a veelage an ceevil pairish in Sooth Lanrikshire, Scotland.[1]

Crawford Castle

Crawford is close tae the source o the River Clyde an the M74 motorwey, fifty miles sooth east o Glesga an fifty-three mile north wast o Carlisle. It haes a population o aroond 300 fowk, a veelage shop an Post Office, an a schuil.

The veelage is close tae a auld Roman road an haes links wi Sir William Wallace (see Crawford Castle). Recent airchaeological excavations hae shown that this wis the steid o a Roman fort atween 80 AD an 140 AD hoosin aiblins 300 sodgers.


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Coordinates: 55°27′45″N 3°39′44″W / 55.46254°N 3.66218°W / 55.46254; -3.66218