Coontie Meath

(Reguidit frae Coonty Meath)

Coonty Meath (pronounced /ˈmiːð/; Erse: Contae na Mí or simply [an Mhí] error: {{lang}}: text has italic markup (help)) is ane o the twenty-sax coonties o the Republic o Ireland an ane o the thirty-twa coonties o Ireland. It is located in the province o Leinster. It wis named efter the heestoric kinrick an province o Mide (meaning "middle"), an is today also kent bi the nickname "The Ryal Coonty" due tae its history as seat o the auncient Heich Keengs o Ireland. Meath is the 14t lairgest o Ireland’s 32 coonties in area an 13t lairgest in terms o population. It is the seicont lairgest o Leinster’s 12 coonties in size an third lairgest in terms o population. The coonty toun is Navan, where the coonty hall an government ar locatit, although Trim, the umwhile coonty toun, haes historical significance an remains a sitting place o the circuit court. Coonty Meath also haes the anly twa Gaeltacht areas in the province o Leinster, at Ráth Cairn an Baile Ghib.

Coonty Meath

Contae na Mí
Coat of airms o Coonty Meath
Coat airms
Tré Neart le Chéile  (Erse)
"Together Strong"
Location of Coonty Meath
Dáil ÉireannMeath East
Meath Wast
EU ParliamentEast
Coonty seatNavan
 • TeepCoonty Cooncil
 • Total2342 km2 (904 sq mi)
Area rank14t
 • Rank9t