Coontie Cork

(Reguidit frae Coonty Cork)

Coonty Cork (Erse: Contae Chorcaí) is ane o the twanty-sax coonties o the Republic o Ireland, an ane o the thirty-twa coonties o Ireland, locate athin the province o Munster, an named efter the ceety o Cork (Erse: Corcaigh). The soothrenmaist o the Erse coonties, kiverin an aurie o jist unner 7,500 square kilometres it is bi far the lairgest coonty in Ireland. Cork is eiknamed "The Rebel Coonty", as a result o the support o the tounsmen o Cork in 1491 for Perkin Warbeck, a pretender tae the throne o Ingland in the Wars o the Roses. In mair recent times, the name haes referred tae the prominent role Cork played in the Erse War o Independence (1919–1921) whan it wis the scene o maist o the fechtin, in addition it wis an anti-treaty stronghold in the Erse Civil War (1922–23).

Coonty Cork

Contae Chorcaí
Blarney Castle
Location of Coonty Cork
Dáil ÉireannCork East
Cork North–Central
Cork North–West
Cork South–Central
Cork South–West
EU ParliamentSooth
Coonty seatCork
 • TeepCoonty Cooncil
 • Total7499 km2 (2,895 sq mi)
Area rank1st
 • Rank3rd