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Coordinates: 10°29′S 105°38′E / 10.483°S 105.633°E / -10.483; 105.633

Territory of Christmas Island
Banner o Christmas Island
Coat o airms
Location o Christmas Island
and largest city
Flying Fish Cove
("The Settlement")
Offeecial leids Inglis (de facto)
Ethnic groups
Demonym Christmas Islander
Govrenment Federal constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Elizabeth II

Quentin Bryce
• Admeenistrator
Jon Stanhope
Foo Kee Heng
Territory o Australie
• Sovereignty
transferred tae Australie

• Total
135 km2 (52 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2011 estimate
2,072[1] (220t)
• Density
10.39/km2 (26.9/sq mi) (n/a)
Currency Australian dollar (AUD)
Time zone UTC+7 (CXT)
Cawin code 61
ISO 3166 code CX
Internet TLD .cx

The Territory o Christmas Island is a territory o Australie in the Indian Ocean. It haes a population o 2,072 residents who live in a nummer o "Settlement auries" on the northren tip o the island: Flying Fish Cove (an aa kent as Kampong), Silver City, Poon Saan, an Drumsite. The majority o the population is Cheenese Australie. It is cried Christmas Island acause it wis discovered on Christenmas Day.


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