scientific discipline of matter an its interactions wi energie an wi itsel

Chemistrie (frae Greek: χημεία) is the scienteefic discipline o matter [1] an its interactions wi energie an wi itsel. Acause o the diversitie o maiter, that is maistlins in the form o atoms, chemists aften studies the wey atoms o differin chemical elements interacts ti mak molecules an the wey molecules interacts wi ilk ither.[2]

Solutions o substances in reagent bottles, includin ammonium hydroxide an nitric acid, illuminatit in different colours

Chemistry is whiles cawed ''the central science'' acause it bridges ither Naitural sciences like Pheesics, Geology and Biology.[1]

The current model o atomic structur is the quantum mechanical model. Tradeetional chemistrie sterts wi the study o elementary pairticles, atoms, molecules, substances, metals, creestals and ither aggregates o matter. Matter mey be studied in solid, liquid, gas an plasma states, in isolation or in combination. The interactions, reactions an transformations whit are studied in chemistrie are uisually the eftercast o interactions atween atoms, leading tae rearrangements o the chemical baunds whit haud atoms thegether. Sic behaviors are studied in a chemistrie laboratory.[3]

Chemistrie laboratory bench

The chemistrie laboratory uisually uises sindry forms o laboratory glessware. Housomiver glessware is nae central tae chemistrie, and mony experimental (and applee'd/industrial chemistrie is daen withoot it).

Periodic Table o Elements

A chemical reaction is a transformation o some substances intae yin or mair different substances. The basis o sic a chemical transformation is the rearrangement o electrons in the chemical baunds atween atoms. It can be seembolically shawn throu a chemical equation, whit uisually involves atoms as subjects. The nummer o atoms oan the left and the richt i' the equation for a chemical transformation is equal. (Whan the nummer o atoms on either side is unequal, the transformation is cawed a nuclear reaction or radioactive decay). The type o chemical reactions a substance micht undergo and the energie chynges whit micht follae it are constreenit bi certaint basic rules, kent as chemical laws.[4]

Energie and entropy conseederations are invariably important in maistlins chemical studies. Chemical substances are clessifeed in terms o thair structur, phase, and thair chemical composeetions. Thay can be analyzed uising the tuils o chemical analysis, e.g. spectroscopy and chromatography.

Scientists engagin in chemical research are kent as chemists. Maist chemists specialize in yin or mair sub-discipleens. [5]

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