(Reguidit frae Geologie)

Geologie is the science or studie o the Yird, its chemical composeetion, morphologie, development an historie. Petrologie (the studie o rocks), meeneralogie (the studie o meenerals), geopheesics, paleontology (the studie o auncient life), an planetarie geologie (the studie o ither planets) is no sum o the airts o geologie.

Geologists haes helpit staiblish the eild o the Yird at aboot 4.6 thoosand million yeir.

The origin o the wird "geologie" is: "geo"="gaya" in Greek leird an lougie=logos in Greek, science.

Scots GeologistsEedit

Important lowps forrit in geologie haes been made bi Scots geologists. Amang the maist weil-kent is: