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Carl XVI Gustaf (born 30 Aprile 1946) is the keeng an heid o state o the Kinrick o Swaden syne 1973.

Carl XVI Gustaf
King Carl XVI Gustaf at National Day 2009 Cropped.png
Keeng o Swaden
Ring 15 September 1973 – present
Enthronement 19 September 1973
Predecessor Gustaf VI Adolf
Heir apparent Croun Princess Victoria
Prime Meenisters
Born (1946-04-30) 30 Aprile 1946 (age 73)
Solna, Swaden
Spouse Silvia Sommerlath (m. 1976)
Croun Princess Victoria
Prince Carl Philip
Princess Madeleine
Full name
Carl Gustaf Folke Hubertus
Hoose Hoose o Bernadotte
Faither Prince Gustaf Adolf
Mither Princess Sibylla
Releegion Kirk o Swaden
Seegnatur Carl XVI Gustaf's signature

Merridge an bairnsEedit

Carl XVI Gustaf meets his spooz, Silvia Sommerlath, in the Simmer Olympic Gemmes o Munich in 1972, as she warks as dutywumman in the place an he is nae keeng jast, he marries her in Juin 1976, he haes three bairns wi her:

Prins Carl Philip wis prins heirin (kronprins) till 1980, when sexual equality in succession wis made. Prinses Victoria becoms heirin prinses again.