British Librar

The British Librar (Inglis: British Library) is the naitional librar o the Unitit Kinrick[6] an the lairgest librar in the warld bi nummer o items catalogued. It is estimate tae haud mair nor 170–200 million[7][8][3][4] items frae mony kintras.

British Librar
British library london.jpg
Picturt frae the piazza
KintraUnitit Kinrick
TypeNaitional leebrary
Established1 July 1973 (49 years ago) (1 July 1973)
LocationEuston Road
Lunnon, NW1
Coordinates51°31′46″N 0°07′37″W / 51.52944°N 0.12694°W / 51.52944; -0.12694Coordinates: 51°31′46″N 0°07′37″W / 51.52944°N 0.12694°W / 51.52944; -0.12694
Branches1 (Boston Spa, Wast Yorkshire)
Items collectitBeuks, jurnals, newspapers, magazines, soond an muisic recordins, patents, databases, maps, stamps, prents, drawings an manuscripts
Size170–200 million+[1][2][3][4] items

13,950,000 beuks[5]
824,101 serial teetles
351,116 manuscripts (single an vollums)
8,266,276 philatelic items
4,347,505 cartographic items
1,607,885 muisic scores

6,000,000 soond recordins
Legal depositYes, providit in law bi:
Access and use
Access requirementsAppen tae onyane wi a need tae uise the collections an services
Other information
Budget£142 million[5]
DirectorRoly Keating (chief executive, syne 12 September 2012)


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