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The Brithers’ Circle (umwhile kent as Faimily o Eleiven an The Twinty[1]) is the name given tae o an internaitional creeminal group involvit in drog trokin.[2] US Depairtment for Treasury offeecials suggest that it operates in the Middle East, Africae, Laitin Americae, an the Unitit States,[3] an haes allegedly been controlled bi Vladislav Leontyev, a Roushie mobster frae Gorky.[4]

The group wis namit bi the Obama Admeenistration in his 2011 Strategy on Combating Transnational Organized Crime, [5] definin them as "A multiethnic creeminal group composed o leaders an senior memmers o several creeminal organisations lairgely based in kintras o the umwhile Soviet Union. Mony Brothers' Circle's members share a common ideology based on the thief-in-law tradition, which seeks tae spread their brand o creeminal influence aroond the warld."[6]

Debate ower existenceEedit

Mark Galeotti an expert on Eurasie security haes statit that: “I have not found anyone in Russian law enforcement or elsewhere who actually says ‘yes, the brother’s circle is an organization and it exists. As such the label Brothers' Circle could be seen as an attempt to connect disparate criminal gangs."[4] Housomeivver in Juin 2012, wi the designation o five mair keengpins, Galeotti chyngit his opinion, considerin perhaps that the sanctions are in fact targetin memmers o Aslan Usoyan's (aka Ded Hassan) netwirk.[7]

Allegit memmersEedit

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