Bilal Ag Acherif

Berber nationalist leader

Bilal Ag Acherif (born 1977,[1] last name alternatively spelled Cherif[2]) is the Secretar-General o the Naitional Muivement for the Leeberation o Azawad.[3][4]

Bilal Ag Acherif
Preses o the Transitional Cooncil o the State o Azawad
In office
6 Apryle 2012 – 12 Julie 2012
Vice PresesMahamadou Djeri Maïga
Precedit biPosition established
Succeedit biPosition abolished
General Secretary o the MNLA
Assumed office
October 2011
Precedit biPosition Established
Personal details

On 26 Juin 2012, he wis woondit in clashes atween MNLA fechters an the Islamist Movement for Aneness an Jihad in Wast Africae, an MNLA ally durin the northren Mali conflict. Accordin tae an MNLA spokesperson, he wis taken tae Burkina Faso for medical care.[5][6]


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