Coordinates: 55°46′16″N 2°00′25″W / 55.771°N 2.007°W / 55.771; -2.007


Sou Berik (Inglis: Berwick-upon-Tweed, Scots Gaelic: Bearaig-a-Deas) is a toun in the coonty o Northumberland an is the northmaist toun in Ingland, on the east coast at the mooth o the River Tweed. It is situatit 2.5 miles (4 km) sooth o the Scots border.

Berik, the umwhile coonty toun o Berikshire, haed a population o 11,665 at the time o the Unitit Kinrick Census 2001. A ceevil parish an toun cooncil wur creatit in 2008.

Foondit durin the time o the kinrick o Northumbrie, which wis pairt o the Heptarchy, the aurie wis central tae historic border war atween the Kinricks o Ingland an Scotland for centuries; the last time it chyngit haunds wis when Ingland reconquered it in 1482. Berwick remains a traditional mercat toun an an' a' haes some notable airchitectural features, in pairticular its defence rampairts an barrack biggins.


The oreegin o the toun's name is o Norse, or Auld Inglis, wi the seicont element "wick" either comin frae "vik" meanin a bay, or a "wic" meanin a settlement. The first element is an aa ambiguous, an mey refer tae either baurley (baer) or the heidland ("bar") which cuts athort the Tweed estuary. Anither interpretation claims "Corn Farm" as the meanin o Berik.

Berik wis referred tae as Sou Berik bi the Scots, tae differentiate it frae the toun o North Barwick, in East Lothian, east o Edinburgh.


Relations wi RoushieEedit

Queen Victoria e'en signed a declaration o weir wi Roushae as "Victoria, Queen of Great Britain, Ireland, Berwick-upon-Tweed and all British Dominions". An acause o that, e'en whan Treaty o Paris (1856) wis signed, it wis offeecially yit at weir wi Roushie for ower a hunneryear haein no been mentiont in the agreeance.