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Belfast (frae the Airisch Gaelick Béal Feirste, meanin 'saundy fuird at tha fit o tha river';[11] kent as Bilfawst or Bilfaust in Ulstèr-Scotch) is the caipital citie o Norlin Airlann (Lallans Northren Ireland).[12] It's tha mucklest urban aurie in Norlin Airlann an tha Stewartrie o Ulstèr an the seicont-mucklest citie on the islann o Airlann.

  • Erse: Béal Feirste
Skyline an biggins throuoot the City of Belfast
Belfast City Coat of Arms.svg
Coat of arms with motto "Pro Tanto Quid Retribuamus" (Latin: "What shall we give in return for so much")
Belfast is locatit in Northern Ireland
Belfast shawn within Northren Ireland
Aurie 44.4 sq mi (115 km2)
Population City of Belfast:
333,000 (2014)[1] 
Urban Area:
483,418 (2001)[2]
Metropolitan area:
585,996 (2001)[3]
Erse grid reference J338740
Kintra Northren Ireland
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Post toun BELFAST
Postcode destrict BT1–BT17, BT29 (part), BT36 (part), BT58
Diallin code 028
Polis Northren Ireland
Fire Northren Ireland
Ambulance Northren Ireland
EU Pairlament Northren Ireland
UK Pairlament
NI Assembly
List of places
Northren Ireland
54°35′49″N 5°55′48″W / 54.597°N 5.930°W / 54.597; -5.930Coordinates: 54°35′49″N 5°55′48″W / 54.597°N 5.930°W / 54.597; -5.930
= Banner o Belfast.


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