Battlecross is an American hivy metal baund frae Warren, Michigan. The baund describes their soond as "Blue Collar Thrash Metal"[1]

OreiginWarren, Michigan
GenresThrash metal, daith metal
Years active2003—present
LabelsMetal Blade
MembersKyle Gunther
Tony Asta
Hiran Deraniyagale
Don Slater
Mike Kreger
Past membersJay Saling
Michael Heugel
Jason Leone
Marshall Wood


The baund wis foondit in 2003 bi guitarists Tony Asta an Hiran Deraniyagala. Efter unnergoin lineup chynges, in 2007, drummer Mike Kreger wis hired. In 2008 an 2010 respectively, bassist Don Slater an sangster Kyle "Gumby" Gunther joined the baund an aw. Thegither, they played some local gigs first. Due tae the increasin popularity o the baund, the group then played wi ither baunds such as Dying Fetus, GWAR, DevilDriver, The Absence, Vital Remains an The Faceless.[2]

In 2010, Battlecross sel-released their debut album "Push Pull Destroy".[3] The seicont album cried "Pursuit of Honor" wis released in 2011 in Metal Blade Records. It wis recordit at Random Awesome Recording Studio in Bay City, Michigan an producit bi Josh Schroeder.[1] Maist o the sangs on the album wur awready heard on the debut album.[4]



Current membersEdit

  • Kyle "Gumby" Gunther - vocals (2010-)
  • Tony Asta - guitar (2003-)
  • Hiran Deraniyagale - guitar (2003-)
  • Don Slater - bass (2008-)
  • Mike Kreger - drums (2007-)

Umwhle membersEdit

  • Jay Saling - bass, vocals
  • Michael Heugel - bass
  • Jason Leone - drums
  • Marshall Wood - vocals


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