Banner o Mauritanie

FIAV 111111.svg Dimensions 2:3

The banner o Mauritanie is the common name for the naitional banner o Mauritanie in north-wast Africae. The banner wis adoptit on Aprile 1, 1959.[1] It wis introduced unner the instructions o Moktar Ould Daddah,[2] an the subsequent constitution o 22 Mairch 1959.


Wavin banner o Mauritanie

The colors o green an gowd are considered Pan-African colors.[3] Green is an aa uised tae seembolise Islam, an the gowd for the sands o the Sahara desert. The crescent an star are seembols o Islam, which is the major releegion in the naition. Some writers hae an aa speculatit that green seembolises a bricht future, an growth.[1] Thare is nae offeecial specification or construction sheet for the exact relative measurements o the star an crescent, awtho the banner's measurements are 2:3.[1]


The design acts as the naitional banner o Mauritanie, an is an aa uised in circular form as an aircraft roundel.[1]


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