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The current banner o the Union o the Comoros (offeecially French: Union des Comores Arabic: الاتّحاد القمريّ‎, al-Ittiḥādd al-Qamariyy) wis designed in 2001 an offeecially adoptit on 7 Januar 2002. It continues tae display the crescent an fower starns, which is a motiff that haes been in uise in slichtly various forms syne 1975 durin the unthirldom movement. In its constitution, the govrenment o the Comoros refers tae the insigne as L'emblème nationale, or the "naitional emblem", tho it is unnerstood tae actually represent a banner.

Banner ratio: 3:5

Design eedit

The design consists o a white crescent wi fower white starns inside o a green triangle. The banner haes fower stripes, representin fower islands o the naition: yellae is for Mohéli, white is for Mayotte (claimed bi Comoros but administered bi Fraunce), reid is for Anjouan, an blue is for Grande Comore. The star an crescent seembol staunds for Islam, which is the naition's major releegion.

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