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AvtoVAZ (Roushie: АвтоВАЗ) is the Roushie automobile manufacturer umwhile kent as VAZ: Volzhsky Avtomobilny Zavod (ВАЗ, Во́лжский автомоби́льный заво́д), but better kent tae the warld unner the tred name Lada. The company wis established in the late 1960s in collaboration wi Fiat. The current company name contains the semantic pleonasm "AvtoVAZ", which staunds for "Avtomobilniy Volzhsky Avtomobilny Zavod" ("Automobile Volga Automobile Plant"). AvtoVAZ is the lairgest company in the Roushie automotive industrie. It is 25% awned bi French carmaker Renault.

JSC AvtoVAZ Common
Public jyint-stock company
Treddit as MCXAVAZ
Industrie Automotive
Foondit 1966
Heidquarters Tolyatti, Roushie
Key fowk
Igor Komarov (Preses)
Carlos Ghosn (Chairman)[1]
Products Caurs
Revenue Increase RUB190.061 billion (2012)[2]
Increase RUB37.826 billion (2012)[2]
Increase RUB29.180 billion (2012)[2]
Tot assets Increase RUB141.778 billion (2012)[2]
Tot equity Increase RUB67.506 billion (2012)[2]
Awner Russian Technologies 67.13%
Renault 25%
Nummer o employees


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