Arcos de Canasí

Arcos de Canasí is a sma toun currently in the east o the Mayabeque Province o Cuba.

Arcos de Canasí is located in Cuba
Arcos de Canasí
Location o Arcos de Canasi in Cuba


The toun wis foondit in 1738 at the mooths o the Rio Canasi. Due tae frequent floodin, the toun wis muivit tae heicher grund in 1808, on the actual location.

It wis its awn municipality (admeenisterin an aurie o 125 square kilometre (48 sq mi)[1]) o the Matanzas Province till 1976, when its territories wur re-distributit tae the Santa Cruz del Norte municipality o the La Habana Province. Wi the split o the La Habana Province in 2010, this municipality belangs currently tae Mayabeque Province.

The toun's economy is mainly agricultur. Fermers afferin cheese an fruit on the side o the Via Blanca heich-gate are an ivery day sicht.

Intense ile exploatation is active on the Atlantic Ocean coast juist north o the toun.