Ararat, Armenie

Ararat (Armenie: Արարատ; umwhile, Davalu) is a ceety in Armenie in the province o Ararat, aboot 42 km sooth-east o Yerevan.


Ararat is located in Armenie
Coordinates: 39°48′34″N 44°42′52″E / 39.80944°N 44.71444°E / 39.80944; 44.71444
Marz (Province)Ararat
 • MayorAbraham Babayan
 • Total11 km2 (4 sq mi)
825 m (2,707 ft)
 • Total20,700
 • Density245.5/km2 (636/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+4 ( )
 • Summer (DST)UTC+5 ( )
Sources: Population [1]

The Ararat Cement Factory haes been opened in 1927 alang wi sma apairtments tae accommodate the wirkers. In 1935, it wis incorporatit wi the veelage o Davalu. In 1939 the toun o Ararat wis offeecially established.

The day in the ceety o haes twa major factories: the cement factory an the Ararat Gold Recovery Company. The ecologie o the ceety is in danger due tae emissions o cement dust an cyanide frae the gowd manufacturin plants. In the simmer o 2005, the impurity o the atmosphere wis recordit tae be 9.6 times the acceptable norm.

Controversy ower the Ararat Gold Recovery Company


Besides the various enterprises based on the manufacturin o biggin materials, the ceety is hame tae the Ararat Gold Recovery Company (AGRC) an aw which extracts gowd frae the raw ore sent frae the gowd mine in Sotk which is 20 kilometres east o Lake Sevan.[2] Aboot 0.46 grams o gowd is extractit frae each ton o sand unyirdit at the mines. The extraction process involves first pulverizin the raw material, an then filterin oot the gowd uisin a cyanide nitrate chemical process.[2]

The soupy byproduct o the cyanide nitrate chemical process is baith toxic an radioactive an collects in a tailings dam. There hae been numerous incidents o animals dyin near an aroond the plant's aurie.[2] An aw, athin the years 2003 an 2008, thare hae been at least 10 accidents at the plant, some o which hae resultit in the dischairge o the cyanide soup intae neebourin agricultural launds an fisheries, killin aff cous an fish stock.[2]

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