Anglo-Erse Treaty

Tha Anglo-Erse Treaty (Erse: An Conradh Angla-Éireannach) was ae treaty atween the Erse Republic an Unitit Kinrick. Tha signin o tha treaty was tha end o the Erse War o Independence an allowed Ireland tae becam ae domeenion within the Breetish Empire. It statit that Ireland wuid still hae the King as Heid o State. It alsae gave tha 6 coonties wheech nou maks Northren Ireland the chaunce tae opt oot o the domeenion an stey as pairt o the Unitit Kinrick. These borders whaur oreeginally meant tae be redrawin aifter ae plannit Boondary Commeesion. Tha treaty causit ae muckle stir amang the memmers o the Dáil o the Erse Republic. Hauf o tha memmers o the Dáil thocht this tae be sellin oot an tha ither hauf were for tha treaty. This fecht lead tae the Erse Ceevil War. [[Category:Constitutional laws o the Unitit Kinrick]