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Alla Borisovna Pugacheva (Roushie: Алла Борисовна Пугачёва) or Pugachova (mair accurately reflecting Roushie pronunciation: [ˌpuɡɐˈtɕovə] an the letter ё), born 15 Aprile 1949), is а Soviet an Roushie musical performer. Her career stairtit in 1965 an continues tae this day. For her "clear mezzosoprano an a fou display o sincere emotions", she enjoys an iconic status athort the umwhile Soviet Union as the maist successful Soviet performer in terms o record sales an popularity.[1] She became a Meritorious Airtist o the Roushie SFSR in 1980, Fowk Airtist o the Roushie SFSR in 1985 an Fowk Airtist o the USSR in 1991. She is the mither o Kristina Orbakaitė wha is a popular pop sangster an aw.

Alla Pugacheva
(Алла Пугачёва)
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-R0428-0022, Berlin, Palast der Republik, Ala Pugatschowa.jpg
Alla Pugacheva in Berlin, 28 Aprile 1976
Background information
Birth name Alla Borisovna Pugacheva
Born (1949-04-15) 15 Aprile 1949 (age 70)
Oreigin Moscow, Roushie
Genres Pop, Roushie pop, Soviet muisic
Thrift Sangster, actress
Years active 1965– present
Labels Melodiya, World Record Music
Associate acts Valery Leontiev, Philipp Kirkorov,
Kristina Orbakaite, Maxim Galkin,
Igor Nikolayev, Vladimir Kuzmin

Notes an referencesEedit

  1. Encyclopædia Britannica repeats a claim on its featurs wabsteid that Pugacheva haes sauld aroond 250 million records. Ither internet sources claim figurs frae 75 million tae 250 million records, though there is nae offeecial source for this information.

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