1987 European Super Cup

The 1987 European Super Cup wis played atween FC Porto an AFC Ajax, wi Porto winnin 2–0.[1]

1987 European Super Cup
First leg
Date21 November 1987
VenueOlympic Stadium, Amsterdam
RefereeBob Valentine (Scotland)
Second leg
Date13 Januar 1988
VenueEstádio das Antas, Porto
RefereeAron Schmidhuber (Wast Germany)

Spiel details eedit

First leg eedit

Ajax   0–1   Porto
Barros   5'
Attendance: 27,000

Seicont leg eedit

Porto   1–0   Ajax
António Sousa   70'
Attendance: 50,000

Porto wan 2–0 on aggregate.

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References eedit

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