Ögedei Khan (Mongolie: Өгэдэй, Ögedei; an aa Ogotai or Oktay; Ogodei) (c. 1186[1] – December 11, 1241) wis the third son o Genghis Khan an seicont Great Khan (Khagan) o the Mongol Empire bi succeedin his faither. He continued the expansion o the empire that his faither haed begun, an wis a warld figure when the Mongol Empire reached its farthest extent wast an sooth durin the invasions o Europe an Asie.[2] Lik aw o Genghis' primary sons, he participatit extensively in conquests in Cheenae, Iran an Central Asie.

A portrait o Ögedei durin the Great Yuan.


  1. "Ogedei died at the age of 56 by Chinese historical standards (55 by modern western standards) in 1241, meaning he was born in 1186"
  2. John Joseph Saunders-The History of the Mongol Conquests, p.74