Yoro Depairtment

Location o Yoro depairtment

Yoro is ane o the 18 depairtments intae which the Central American naition o Honduras is dividit. The depairtment conteens rich agricultural land, concentratit mainly on the valley o the Aguan River an the Sula Valley, on opposite ends. The depairtmental caipital is Yoro. The depairtment covers a total surface aurie o 7,939 km² an, in 2005, haed a estimatit population o 503,886 fowk. It is famous for the Lluvia de Peces (rain o fishes), a tradeetion bi which fish faw frae the sky durin vera hivy rains.


  1. Arenal
  2. El Negrito
  3. El Progreso
  4. Jocón
  5. Morazán
  6. Olanchito
  7. Santa Rita
  8. Sulaco
  9. Victoria
  10. Yorito
  11. Yoro


The depairtment, historically, is kent for harvestin mahogany an cedar trees for exportation. The aurie haed a cattle industry an aw.[1]


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Coordinates: 15°08′N 87°06′W / 15.133°N 87.100°W / 15.133; -87.100