Yodok is a coonty in Hamgyongnam-do, North Korea. Oreeginally pairt o Yonghung Coonty, it became a separate entity as pairt o the 1952 reorganisation o local govrenment.

Korean transcription(s)
 • Hangul요덕군
 • Hanja耀
 • Revised RomanisationYodeok-gun
 • McCune–ReischauerYodŏk kun
KintraNorth Korea
Admeenistrative diveesions1 ŭp, 16 ri
 • Total33,000

Physical featurs eedit

Maist o the coonty is muntainous. Yodok is traversed bi the Rangrim an Puktaebong ranges. The chief river is the Ryonghung. The heichest point is Raganbong. Roughly 90% o the coonty's aurie is forestland.

Economy eedit

Due tae the ruggit terrain, agricultur is nearly impossible. Housomeivver, a few ferms are tuckit intae the muntains, harvestin maize, soybeans, millet, wheat an barley.

Transport eedit

An aw due tae the muntains, Yodok is no connectit tae the rail grid. It is reachable anerlie bi road.

Camp eedit

Yodok is the steid o the Yodok concentration camp.

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