Yeroskipou (Greek: Γεροσκήπου) is a coastal toun in Cyprus, east o Paphos. Its current population is approximately 7,000 an it is the seicont lairgest municipality in the Paphos Destrict. Yeroskipou, wi its remarkable five-domed Byzantine kirk o Agia Paraskevi, an its Fowk Airt Museum, is a popular tourist destination. It is kent especially for the production o Cyprus Delight (loukoumia or lukum).[1] The toun is the anerlie place in the warld which haes protectit geographical indication (PGI) for the popular dessert.[2]



Accordin tae local tradition, and as is impleed in the etymology o the toun's name, Yeroskipou wis the steid, in Greek meethology, o goddess Aphrodite's sacred gardens. Hence its name — "yeros" (ιερός, holy) an "kipou" (from κήπος, garden) — means "holy garden". Auncient pilgrims frae Nea Paphos passed through Yeroskipou afore reachin the temple o Aphrodite at Kouklia.

The Classical writer Strabo mentions Yeroskipou, cawin the settlement Hierokepis. Mony ither travellers hae written that in the coastal plain o Yeroskipou there wur centuries auld olives an carob trees.

In the 11t century, the five-domed Byzantine kirk o Agia Paraskevi wis built in the middle o present day settlement. It is an aa mentioned that at Moulia, a coastal locality o the toun, the miraculous icon o Panagia o Khrysorogiatissa wis foond bi the monk Ignatios, who carriet it tae Rogia muntain frae whaur the monastery teuk its name. In 1811 Sir Sidney visitit Yeroskipou an met Andreas Zimboulakis, appointin him as a vice-consul o Breetain. Zimboulaki, who wis born in Kefalonia, settled in Yeroskipou an his duties as vice-consul wur tae protect the interests o Breetain. The hoose o Zimboulaki whaur mony personalities wur hostit, wis bought in 1947 bi the Depairtment o Antiquities, tae be convertit intae Fowk Airt Museum.

A Breetish firm set up a factory for silk production in 1925. Hunders o wirkers baith frae Yeroskipou an the surroondin veelages wur employed in it. Housomeivver, the factory closed in 1952. It is an aa mentioned that at Yeroskipou there wis an aw a linen-processin factory.

The current mayor o the municipality o the toun is Tasos Kouzoupos.





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