Yasser Arafat or Yassir Arafat (Arabic: ياسر عرفات‎) (24 August 192911 November 2004), born Mohammed Abdel-Raouf Arafat al-Qudwa al-Husseini (محمد عبد الرؤوف القدوة الحسيني) an kent bi the kunya Abu `Ammar (أبو عمّار) an aw, wis the first Preses o Palestine. He wis Preses o the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) frae 1969 tae 2004. In 1993 he becam preses o the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) an aw.

ياسر عرفات
Yasser Arafat
(Yāsir `Arafāt)
Kunya: Abu `Ammar (‎; 'Abū `Ammār)
Yasser Arafat speakin at the Warld Economic Forum in 2001
1st Preses o the Palestinian Naitional Authority
In office
5 Julie 1994 – 11 November 2004
Prime MeenisterMahmoud Abbas
Ahmed Qurei
Succeedit biRawhi Fattuh (interim)
3rd Chairman o the Palestine Liberation Organization
In office
4 Februar 1969 – 29 October 2004
Precedit biYahya Hammuda
Succeedit biMahmoud Abbas
Personal details
BornMohammed Yasser Abdel Rahman Abdel Raouf Arafat al-Qudwa
24 August 1929(1929-08-24)
Cairo, Egyp
Dee'd11 November 2004(2004-11-11) (aged 75)
Clamart, Paris, Fraunce
Poleetical pairtyFatah
Spoose(s)Suha Arafat (1990–2004)
BairnsZahwa Arafat (born 1995)
ProfessionCeevil ingineer
ReligionSunni Islam[1]

In 1994, Arafat wis ane o the three recipients o the Nobel Peace Prize. The ithers wis Israelis Yitzhak Rabin an Shimon Peres, for the negotiations at Oslo. Baith got the prize for their peace ettles in the Middle Aest.

The views o him is dividit. Some fowk sees him as a hero, that focht for the cause o the Palestinian fowk. Ithers sees him as a terrorist, that promotit the uise o veeolence for tae win til his ettles. Still ithers thinks he wis a chairismatic leader, but he made ower mony concessions tae the Israeli govrenment.

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