Wormrot is a Singaporean grindcore baund formed in 2007, immediately efter the foondin members completit their mandatory twa years o Naitional Service.[1]


The baund wis discovered in late December 2009 bi Digby Pearson, the awner o record label Earache, in a mixtape postit on the Invisible Oranges blog.[2]

Efter hearin Wormrot's "Born Stupid" on the compilation, Pearson searched oot an [3][4] dounloadit Wormrot's full-length debut, Abuse, frae file-sharin steid MediaFire.

Pearson wis impressed wi the album's quality an the baund's "ambition, haurd wirk ethic, an willingness tae put [its hame kintra] an Asian grindcore in the global map."[5]

Pearson approached the baund on their MySpace page, askin if they wur interestit in joinin Earache's roster.[6]

The baund investigatit the label's credentials on a muisic forum an efter receivin positive responses frae ithers uisers, they signed a recordin contract wi Earache in late Januar 2010.[5][7]

Earache reissued Abuse in Europe on 13 Aprile 2010 an in the Unitit States on 8 Juin 2010.[8][9] To promote the album's reissue, Wormrot toured Europe atween late Aprile an Juin 2010.[10]

Their seicont album, Dirge, wis released in 2011.

They are currently recordin a new EP scheduled tae be released online in simmer 2011.


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